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Axis Integrated Support
special needsWe believe in promoting health and well-being while preserving client independence, dignity and choice.

What We Do

Unique Support Services Staffing Solution

We partner with agencies to provide support associates for adolescents, adults, and seniors, specializing in the provision of behaviour management and client safety. Individuals with physical, developmental, cognitive, and/or mental health challenges within a variety of client based settings including homes, residences, community facilities and institutions will benefit from our support services.

Axis associates collaborate with multidisciplinary teams and family members to provide supplemental support that contributes to managing the goals of care for each client. Our agency connects families that are feeling overwhelmed with available community services and support to help guide them in the care of the client and their family circumstances.

We provide an alternate option to institutionalization by providing care in client homes or community facilities for clients who do not need medical supervision.

Behaviour Management Service

Promoting trust between client and the worker is an absolute priority. Axis associates are trained to identify elements initiating particular behaviours, isolate these contributors and deescalate or minimize the challenging behaviour.

Agents emphasize the use of communication to allow the client to achieve a more effective personal and social exposure building positive experiences for the future. Focus is placed on client benefit while actively participating in family and community endeavours to the best of their ability.

Maintenance of individual behavioural intervention strategies are developed with consideration of client respect and safety within a given environment. The establishment of support staff in conjunction with other assigned caregivers and service providers for clients demonstrating behavioural issues is crucial for a productive plan of care. Achieving goals and expectations within timeframes in relation to client programs and daily routines are focused on while planning and carrying out a client support plan.


Our associates work collaboratively with Educational Assistants, Child and Youth Workers, Teachers, School Administrators, parents and staff while supporting students who may be experiencing challenging times within their environment.

We offer support to individual students and help facilitate, implement and reinforce individualized programs to maximize each individual's potential within their educational environment.

This service can be temporary or on-going depending on the need of the school and the client, whether hourly or on-going support throughout the year.


Having time to recharge is a critically important part of healthy family development. Whether going for a walk or meeting a friend for coffee while your child/adult goes swimming, the benefits of taking time to stay connected with one's self plays an integral role in maintaining the demands of care giving.

Respite also allows children, youth and adults to participate in activities and make new friends outside of their family circle, whether it be for a few hours during a movie or social program, or the length of an entire weekend.

Respite is advantageous for the whole family and reflects a positive time to contribute to the strengthening of the family.

Our associates are highly trained individuals that are prepared to take on the role and responsibility of providing respite support with your loved one when the service is needed.


In the hospital environment, associates provide support as mental health professionals assisting an interdisciplinary team to serve clients and their families.

Provision of direct care and advocating for a client experiencing an acute crisis or ongoing supervision, assuring safety measures to protect the client, family, staff, and the environment are priorities of the support worker.

Included may be the development, implementation, and evaluation of a plan of care in collaboration with the client/family and health care team to ensure client needs are met. Assisting hospital staff with the management of client/family related situations and psychotherapeutic interventions in accordance with a treatment plan can be delivered by a trained Axis associate.

Long Term Care

We have qualified associates that can provide high quality staffing support in long term care. We can offer a range of services including screening, 1:1 positive behavioural interventions and/or PSW staffing.

Our quality of care includes managing cognitive impairment, companionship, planning of recreational activities, personal hygiene, daily routines and sanitation to name a few. Our priority is to ensure a resident-centred, safe and inclusive environment whereby residents can feel comforted, valued and supported.

We follow the plan of care implemented and work as a partner with your team to ensure the best possible independence and care for residents.